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KETTLER is one of the leading manufacturers and market leader for innovative fitness machines and training systems in Germany.

New brand image direction KETTLER home fitness

Consumer Magazine
As part of the sell-in campaign "Kettler Sports 2018" we created a consumer magazine, designed to attract and inspire key consumers in the todays and future home fitness markets. Images of authentic athletes and environments are connected to open and honest text copies and headlines.

Zum Online Magazin
Key Visuals
Campaign key visuals based on the results of our latest shootings and concepts.
Social Media
Set-Up der neuen sportspezifischen Social Media Kanäle mit dem Ziel des verbesserten Targetings und zur effizienten Aktivierung des Kamapgnen-Contents.

Creative and production of short teaser videos featuring the 2018 lead products. All videos follow the concept: more inspiration - less information. The demo videos showcase the new raw, motivational and authentic way of communication.

Layout of generic and product specific instore banners to support the Kettler retail partners.

Ad templates
Ad Layouts and headlines promoting the new cross trainer generation.


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