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We are an owner-managed, multi-disciplinary design agency consisting of product and communication designers as well as brand experts. We have supported our customers with an individual mix of creative services for more than 25 years. These include product design and corporate design as well as market launch campaigns. Our communication creates brand identity and is aligned to attaining sustainable brand value increase.


At Flöz, experts from a number of different design sectors cooperate in an interdisciplinary manner. Thanks to the combination of creative and strategic competence under one umbrella, all development processes, from the product idea up to product launch, can be designed more efficiently and professionally.

A team of experienced industrial designers create and develop products that prove high acceptance in the defined markets. Production orientated product concepts ensure that the desired price categories can be realised. In the design process, from the design study right up to the final model, we offer a transparent step by step process and involve our customers in every stage of our development. Optionally, you can consult us when it comes to the strategic range set-up and sourcing.
Product graphics, branding and decals are the finish for every product. On the foundation of our 3D data, we can visualise graphic ideas quickly and simply.
With strategic competence, we develop brands for manufacturers and trading companies. In the field of brand redesign, we provide support in all relaunch processes. We offer the design of logos, word / brand marks, typo and colour concepts, right up to complete corporate design systems, documented in a brand design manual. On top Flöz develops product names and brand claims.
We deliver the artwork for all print media such as catalogues, advertisements, posters, flyers and mailings. During prepress, we offer profound knowledge of final artworks, the internationalisation of print products, picture retouching and colour management. We support our customers with our experience in workflow management, cost calculation, logistics, supplier screening and the steering of production processes.
With our competence in the 3D area, we can develop and visualise the respective packaging even before the first product sample. We develop packaging solutions that satisfy the promotional and logistical requirements - right up to the pre-print stage.
We support our customers at events and trade fairs. This service includes the design and the detailed 3D planning of trade fair booths, in addition to inspirational product presentations.
We develop effective, attention-drawing POS solutions, from product presenation to branded areas and right up to complete shop-in-shop concepts. With economical POS modules and instore banners, we convert digital campaigns in instore tools. On demand we offer material research, supplier screening and production process steering.
The various online platforms are the focus and starting point of communication. With our web design and mobile applications, we create the prerequisite for integrated multi-channel campaigns.
Upon request, we take care for the complete production of product and corporate films, as well as viral clips, commercials or short social media video clips. With our 3D competence, we realise product animation videos efficiently and economically. We plan, organise and supervise video shoots worldwide and cooperate with professional videographers and editing studios.
Depending on their needs, we support our customers with the set-up and editorial support of social media activities. We develop and manage social media advertising campaigns and activities within the context of cross-media communication strategies.
With the relaunch of products or the establishment of new business portfolios, we develop striking campaigns. Every campaign module aligns itself to the goals and budgets of our customers. We build up multi-stage campaigns, and these are initiated and visualised by the creative concept.

our DNA

The industrial designers Oliver Wahl and Peter Golz founded Flöz Industriedesign in 1989.

A few years later, the portfolio was expanded to include the brand communication and Flöz developed into a full-service provider for product and brand design. Since then, our customers have always benefited from the synergies arising from both design disciplines. In particular in packaging design, with 3D animations or the development of shop-in-shop solutions, we can portray complex design processes faster and more effectively in-house, thanks to the direct integration of product and graphic design. The name Flöz refers to the home town of our agency. Flöz stands for the Ruhr area, and design is honest work and our passion. We are more closely focussed on the practical side of things than the theoretical part.

Flöz is creative – and yet simply down-to-earth. Our customers appreciate that we don’t beat around the bush. We set great store by ensuring transparent and controlled project management with a comprehensible budget.

FLÖZ [floe:z]; a Flöz is a sedimentary, extended deposit of production-worthy minerals (e.g. coal seam, ironstone seam), which runs parallel to the rock bedding.


Industrial Design and Brand Communication


Designpreis des Landes NRW
red dot award product design
Eurobike Award
Eurobike Award
New York Gift Fair
Best New Innovative Product
Eurobike Award
Good Design Award
IF Award
Interior Innovation Award (IMM)
ECA European Consumer Award
IF Award
Good Design Award
Interior Innovation Award (IMM)
reddot design award
German Design Award Nominee
reddot design award
reddot honourable Mention
German Design Award
Nominee IF Award
German Design Award Special Mention
IF Award
reddot honourable mention
German Design Award Nominee
German Design Award Nominee
German Design Award Special Mention
German Design Award Special Mention
IF Award


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